1. Ros Barber (University of Sussex & Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK) Writing Marlowe as Writing Shakespeare: The Marlowe Papers - Download the full paper - Ros Barber.doc
  2. Sean Burn (Newcastle University, UK) bastilles englan - Download the full paper - sean burn.doc
  3. Daniel J. Connell (Brunel University, UK) Why did I do what I did — and does it really matter if I’m “dead”? An exploration into the issues and pressures involved in undertaking a Creative Writing PhD - Download the full paper - Dan Connell.doc
  4. Angela France (University of Gloucestershire, UK) Poetry from the Trenches - Download the full paper - Angela France.doc
  5. David Harmer and Noel Williams (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) Can we assess writing for children? - Download the full paper - Harmer and Williams.doc
  6. Barbara Henderson (Newcastle University, UK) The Child in the PhD - Download the full paper - Barbara Henderson.doc
  7. Sonia Hendy-Isaac (University of Gloucestershire, UK), Academic Aesthete - Download the full paper - Sonia Hendy-Isaac.doc
  8. Miriam Johnson (University of Edinburgh, UK) The Draw of the UK PhD in Creative Writing - Download the full paper - Miriam Johnson.doc
  9. Michael Johnstone (University of Gloucestershire, UK) The Interdisciplinary Potential of the Creative Writing PhD - Download the full paper - Michael Johnstone.doc
  10. Keith Jebb (University of Bedfordshire, UK) Indecent Proposals: Underdetermination and the ‘Practice’ of Research Download the full paper - Keith Jebb - IP.doc
  11. Anthony Levings (Gylphi Publishing, UK) On the Road to Publication Download the full paper - Anthony Levings.doc
  12. Micheline Maylor (Mount Royal College, Canada) The Playful Paradox: Using relaxation and guided meditation techniques to replicate creative flow in the classroom - Download the full paper - Micheline Maylor.doc
  13. Kayleigh J. Moore (University of Gloucestershire, UK), Taught Transgressions - Download the full paper - Kayleigh Moore.doc
  14. Radhika Nagrath (HNB Garhwal University, India) PhD and its judicious use in creative writing
  15. Heather Richardson (Open University, UK) Rejections, rethinks and rewrites – from MA project to publishable novel - Download the full paper - Heather Richardson.doc
  16. Nigel Robinson (University of Bedfordshire, UK) The PhD/CW paradox: ludus or jocus?
  17. Gavin Stewart (University of Bedfordshire, UK) Nailing Jelly to a Wall: Lessons to be learned from the Institutional Status of Digital Literature - Download the full paper - Gavin Stewart.doc
  18. Mark Sullivan (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) Why has there been such a rise in the number of post-graduate writing schools in the past 25 years? Do they serve a useful purpose? What is that purpose? - Download the full paper - Mark Sullivan.doc
  19. J.T. Welsch (Centre for New Writing, University of Manchester) On the Potential for ‘Research-Based’ Creative Writing in the Humanities - Download the full paper - JT Welsch.doc
  20. Loree Westron (University of Chichester) The Paradox of Historical Fiction: Finding Truth Where None Exists - Download the full paper - Loree Westron.doc

Papers from the 2008 conference are available here.



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