2008 Programme

Registration 9.30-10.00 Reception Area
Welcome 10.00-10.15 Alexis Weedon, U of Beds A003
Key Note 10.15-11.00 What is Creative Writing? Knowledge, Writing and Graduate Study Graeme Harper, Bangor University A003
Coffee Break 11.00-11.15 Reception Area
Key Note 11.15-12.00 Creative Writing and Deliberate Practice Panos Karnezis A003
Parallel Morning Session 1 12.20-1.00 David Manderson, UWS (Panel Chair - Michael Spindler) A001
Parallel Morning Session 2 12.20-1.00 Keith Jebb & Gavin Stewart, U of Beds (Panel Chair - Alexis Weedon) A002
Parallel Morning Session 3 12.20-1.00 Mike Martin, Bath Spa U (Panel Chair - Lesley McKenna) A006
Lunch 1.00-1.30 Reception Area

Parallel Afternoon A Session 1 1.30-2.40 Craig Jordan-Baker, Dina Kafiris, Kathrina Haji Mohd Daud (Panel Chair - Gavin Stewart) A001
Parallel Afternoon A Session 2 1.30-2.40 Lesley McKenna, Jo Powell, Ruth Hartle (Panel Chair - David Manderson) A002
Parallel Afternoon A Session 3 1.30-2.40 David Humphrey, Louisa Allen, Sonia Hendy-Isaac (Panel Chair - Keith Jebb) A006
Break 2.40-2.50 Reception Area
Parallel Afternoon B Session 1 2.50-4.00 Nigel Robinson, Alison Habens, Sara Bailey (Panel Chair - Gavin Stewart) A001
Parallel Afternoon B Session 2 2.50-4.00 Christian Defeo, Laura Bottomley, Chikwendu Anyandu (Panel Chair - Mike Martin) A002
Parallel Afternoon B Session 3 2.50-4.00 Alexander Pheby, Shelly Ocsinberg, Steve O'Brien (Panel Chair - Keith Jebb) A006
Plenary Session 4.00-4.30 Chair - Gavin Stewart, U of Beds A003
Informal Networking 4.30- Brewery Tap


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