Papers from the 2008 conference

The full papers from the conference:

  1. Louisa Allen 'PhD: Eliminating the Womb in Feminist Science Fiction’
  2. Chikwendu PK Anyanwu ‘Novel to Stage: Research and Scriptwriting
  3. Sara Bailey 'If abundant instruction would make us into novelists, the people of England ought to be a nation of Fieldings'
  4. Laura Bottomley ‘The Art of the Deadline: Curse or Cure
  5. Kathrina Haji Mohd Daud ‘Censorship, Critical Response and the Creative Writing Degree’
  6. Christian Defeo ‘A Doctorate’s Strange Love: Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Phd’ Paper
  7. Alison Habens ‘The First Page Again
  8. Ruth Hartle ‘”Myths of the Near Future": Contributing to a Truly Modern Mythology
  9. Sonia Hendy-Isaac ‘The Reading-Writer or The Writing-Reader?
  10. Craig Jordan-Baker 'All subjective innit?’ Creative Writing and the Politics of Subjectivity
  11. Dina Kafiris ‘A Novel in the Works
  12. Vikram Kapur 'The Post 9/11 World Seen Through the Eyes Of a Brown Writer
  13. David Manderson ‘Paradox: The Creative Crucible
  14. Mike Martin ‘The completed PhD and its ironic postscript’
  15. Lesley McKenna ‘Writing the Wrong: The Liberating Effect of the Research Degree in Creative Writing
  16. Jo Powell ‘The Body in the Library: Writing a Crime Novel for a PhD’
  17. Alexander Pheby ‘Out of the Garret and into the Tower: Why the Myth of Isolation is Bad for Writers
  18. Shelly Ocsinberg ‘Silent Cries: Why Women Behave The Way They Do and How This Impacts Their Future
  19. Nigel Robinson ‘Cant or Create? Why the PhD in Creative Writing is a Buridan's Ass'
  20. Gavin Stewart 'PPhhDD: Why did I feel like I was doing two PhDs (or maybe none at all)'


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